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MFM Tracklogs & POIs Dropbox

Posted: Thu Dec 01, 2011 4:39 am
by OngCC
Recently, there are many members feedback that they are not comfortable to upload their contributions in the forum. The reason is very simple...their contributions were being copied and submitted to somewhere else.

I had created some dropboxes for all to upload your valuable contributions securely, only mappers have the access to them.

Feedback as usual your comments & screen shots, but only upload your contributions to the secure dropbox.

Please zip your gdb file & name it as, e.g. Lance 20110912, [user name][date][contribution].

You are required to key in your user name in the dropbox as shown below, add your file and upload.

Penang, Kedah & Perlis Dropbox
Perak Dropbox
Pahang, Terengganu & Kelantan Dropbox
KL & Selangor Dropbox
Negeri Sembilan Dropbox
Melaka Dropbox
Johor Dropbox
Singapore Dropbox
East Malaysia & Brunei Dropbox