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  1. Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS)
  2. How our GPS coordinate is determined
  3. Error Effect in GPS
  4. How to calculate distance between 2 GPS coordinate?

Getting Started
  1. I bought a new Garmin. How should I get started?
  2. I bought a new Papago. How should I get started?

  1. Tips for first time Nuvi users
  2. Understand the files and folders within your Nuvi
  3. How to install Garmin Mapsource
  4. How to install Garmin MobileXT into mobile & PDA phones
  5. How to install MFM-Garmin map into Garmin device & Mapsource
  6. How to contribute POIs & Track by using Garmin Mapsource
  7. How to backup or transfer my Garmin Favourites
  8. How to install & change Garmin vehicle icon
  9. How to install & change Garmin custom voice
  10. How to add custom waypoint symbols onto Mapsource
  11. How to customize MFM map icons, polygons and road display
  12. How to search POIs far away from your current location
  13. How to view, activate and deactivate the maps in my Garmin/Papago device?
  14. How many maps can I add to my Garmin devices?
  15. How to activate the hidden tracklog feature on my Nuvi 2x5/7x5?
  16. How to activate the hidden tracklog feature on my Nuvi 13xx?
  17. How to patch Nuvi 2x0W/2x5W/7x0/7x5 to enable 1-sec tracklog?
  18. How to calibrate my GPS screen?
  19. How to activate/use Nuvi while charging?
  20. How To Replace The Internal Battery on A Garmin Nuvi?
  21. How to share big files with MFM
  22. How to play video and music files on your Papago R5800
  23. How to update the latest MFM-Papago map into Papago R5800?
  24. How to record tracks with Papago R5800 & contribute to MFM?
  25. How to use Papago X2/X3 Tracklog Converter

Contribute to MFM
  1. How to contribute POIs to MFM
  2. How to contribute tracklogs to MFM using Garmin Nuvi
  3. How to contribute tracklogs to MFM using Nokia phones
  4. How to contribute junction views to MFM


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