How to add custom waypoint symbols onto Mapsource

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Re: How to add custom waypoint symbols onto Mapsource

Postby Inggo » Fri Sep 24, 2010 10:45 am

saujanacom wrote:
Waynelysha wrote:Dear GPS brothers,
I don't need spoonfeeding, I just need a point in the right direction. So if any of seniors like bro Antyong, for instance, where do I start if I want to be able to edit the road in front of my house, the gate and lanes in my compound for starters, then mesh it with the Garmin map before generating my own img file.
Then maybe it'll be nice to know how to encode into the maps the traffic lights/petrol stations etc.
So, what books should I get? What websites should I visit? Anybody I should meet?

bro Waynelysha,
Only mappers are able to edit the map, the other members only share and contribute the POIs by giving information like POI name, it coordinates and it categories. For adding road in the map, we just record the road by tracking it using our GPS devices like Garmin or PAPAGO and send the tracklogs to this forum. The MFM mappers like sunn and OngCC will draw them and add into the map. We the contributors only wait for the next release to download the updated map to see and check whether our POIs and road are added and give feedback if any.

But if you need to add your own POIs into only your own map, you can use POI Loader software. We call them 'Custom POI'. You can search the custom poi topics HERE
:welcome: :tq:

Waynelysha, you r right, mapsource only for added customized tracklog to your garmin map..
& backup/restore your track to your nuvi device, not map editor.

actually, You can create your own map using MAPEDIT from Geopainting..
download here:
but, Bro Antyong was retired so you can create by your own & self learn.
& create your self source map for garmin device,
compiled mapedit files to garmin img using cGPSmapper by Stan..

for Papago map, only authorized person/our sifu have compiler to make it to papago map format.
so, maybe you can send your mp mapedit files to our sifu to compile it to papago format for customized overseas map :-k
...maybe the -m'force'm- will be with you, always.. :peace:
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Re: How to add custom waypoint symbols onto Mapsource

Postby Waynelysha » Sat Sep 25, 2010 2:35 am

Thanks Saujanacom and Inggo.
Inggo got me spot on on intentions, yes that's what I want to learn to be, a mapper.
Not mapping Malaysia but Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Muscat. It won't be as detailed as MFM, but it's more for personal use among friends.
Maybe something like the humble beginnings of MalSing before, why? Because Garmin failed to deliver, at least here in the Middle East now we have a Garmin map, unlike in Malaysia before. Hence MalSing and then Malfree, it's all because Garmin fails to deliver, pay good money for junk maps?
Had enough? Make your own then right?
Been fiddling with MapEdit for a while now (1 week) heheh, on leave so got spare time, well quite frustrating because still crawling like a baby, and I want to run .... well baby steps 1st.
MFM community got TT sessions or not? Any hangouts in KL? I do fly down to KL quite a bit.
Again thanks guys.

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Re: How to add custom waypoint symbols onto Mapsource

Postby mrazzcdean » Mon Jan 09, 2017 12:13 am

Hello all
I want to ask how to install new software for Garmin to my Kenwood DNX7380BT???my old SD card file has been corrupt so I bought a new SD card to get a new installer but I don't know where can I get the software to play at my kenwood player again

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