Alternative Sabah/Brunei/Sarawak City To City Garmin Map

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Alternative Sabah/Brunei/Sarawak City To City Garmin Map

Postby shideen » Wed Jun 30, 2010 1:27 am

I would like to share my map here. This is an alternative lite version of routable Borneo map for Garmin NT format only. (street level detail)
If u guys encounter error while trying to route from sabah to sarawak or vice-versa, crossing Brunei, u can try use the map i prepared here. Optimised based on my own experience whichever I can remember.
Ready to use gmapsupp (with custom polygons) download link

Perfect for GMXT/mobile phone & old devices, dumb-dumb-no-fun version, just pure road & poi without colourful polygons;

For installation to view in mapsource, follow this instruction;
1-download package here

2-Unpack the whole folder to c:\ drive (u shud get 1 folder named "shideen borneo")
3-inside the folder, run the registry entry file (shideen Borneo.reg) to insert the mapset into mapsource.
4-open mapsource now, u should be able to view the map.

Note: to uninstall, use mapsettoolkit - remove it from registry then delete the folder. It can be downloaded here

1-POI may not be as many as full map (except Sabah), but should be enough for long distance Trans-Borneo driving. I only interested in hotels, fuel station, hospitals, police stn & well-known local eating places only. I am adding up this from time to time.
2-no custom POI icons (except some).

15-11-2010 - added POI & streetnames details in Brunei, Bintulu & Kuching.
02-12-2010 - added more POIs and more details.
21-12-2010 - just came back from holiday in Kuching, dropped by Kanowit,Betong,Sarikei,Sibu,Tatau,Bintulu & Brunei. Expect updates in those towns :D
30-12-2010 - split map brunei,sabah,sarawak to resolve cgpsmapper mdr (global indexing) bug between brunei & sarawak & sabah.
10-01-2011 - added basic version
01-03-2011 - more roads & POI added
02-04-2011 - more roads & POI + polygons added. Improved addresses in metro area such as Kuching,KK & Brunei, eg: a road in Penampang (a part of KK) can either be search via city KK or penampang, Petrajaya or Matang in kuching. Also included the cities within a division in Sabah & Sarawak, eg. u can search a road in Nabalu in district of Ranau, by entering "city" Ranau or Nabalu, works both ways. Same thing with POI.

This is homemade personal gpsmap, based on personal experience travelling sabah-sarawak.
Although tested to work ok, but I bear no responsibility if it cause you trouble. Usual word - use at your own risk.

Note: This map was generated using licenced personal version of cgpsmapper

-edited & updated 14-07-2011-
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Re: Alternative Sabah/Brunei/Sarawak City To City Garmin Map

Postby shfung » Sat Nov 06, 2010 5:41 pm

Good to try. Thanks for the great works. Well done!

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