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Official contribution guide for Points of Interests (POI)

Postby sharkteef » Sun Sep 13, 2009 5:58 am

Dear members,

Updating to v2.
Please be patient.

As MFM grows by the day, so should its goals and achievements. This guideline is written to help newcomers become a contributing member of this community. You are encouraged to communicate with our moderators if you have any questions or opinions. Our moderators are:

List of accepted POIs
to be mended soon

List of restricted POI's
MFM map is a traveller's map first and foremost with a secondary role as a street directory. Several classes of POIs that are related to political, controversial and illegal issues is not welcomed. Mappers and moderators will use their discretion to determine POIs that will not be added to MFM map.

  1. Shops and stalls selling pirated DVD/VCD/Software
  2. Warehouse of illegal materials such as stolen Nike shirts or illegal car parts and junkyards of stolen goods
  3. Locations within military bases
  4. Unlicensed MLM company outlets and headquarters
  5. Gambling Dens, Massage Parlors and Prostitution places
  6. Cybercafes/Internet Cafes that serves mostly as gaming or gambling centres
  7. Money lenders or ah long credit corporation
  8. Bomohs,sinsehs or any other unlicensed traditional medical services
  9. Insignificant locations (water tanks, TNB substations, telecom towers)
  10. Businesses or services without proper premises (roadside newstands or mechanics)
  11. All kinds of unlicensed (or where its legitimacy is doubtful) businesses

To begin contribution, please ensure the following steps:

1) Ensure you are using the latest MFM-Garmin or MFM-Papago map
2) Stay as close to the main entrance of the point before saving.
3) Wait a few seconds before saving.
4) Zoom in to the lowest range before saving.
5) Label them accordingly. A guide has been written below. When unsure, always label according to signboard.
6) Adjustment by mapsource if available. Submit the point either in .GDB or .GPX or provide co-ordinates.
7) Provide any additional information whenever possible.
8) When submitting questionable POI's, always seek permission from the source.
9) Check restrictions and other points below.

Maintanence procedures:

1) Ensure you have the latest map
2) Look at the points within your area or neighbourhood.
3) Notify the person in charge to make proper amendments such as relocation, name change, or complete removal.
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Postby sharkteef » Sun Sep 13, 2009 5:59 am

Food poi's

1) When submitting food poi's, do ensure that it is of reasonable quality to you. If it comes recommended by someone you trust that's also good enough.

2) When submitting food poi, please ensure you put "Restaurant" in front and not at the back. Name should always follow the signboards when possible. There will be some scenarios where exceptions are made.
a) places such as old town white coffee, old boy kopitiam, mcdonalds, pizza hut and all those whereby without mentioning the word restaurant it is already understandable that it is a place for food.
b) some shops have chinese or indian characters only. your translation might be required and during translation please place "Restaurant" at the front unless that description is unnecessary. This scenario i will leave to your discretion.
Apart from that, if the word restaurant comes behind, please place it in front.
example: Ah Lim seafood and Syed Abu restaurant. Change it to Restaurant Ah Lim seafood and Restaurant Syed Abu.
example2: A taste of India. Change to Restaurant A Taste of India.
example3: KFC & Pizza Hut & Swensens Ice Cream. Leave it as KFC and Pizza Hut and Swensens Ice Cream.
example4: 咖喱鱼头 Change to Restaurant Curry Fish Head.

3) Give as much information as possible. tel numbers and operating hours or days would be of great help. recommendations on orders would be great. Halal or non halal or pork free or vegetarian is also of great value. any little detail, helps !

4) Some existing POI's inside this category can be referenced at these sites
a) which is managed by our very own MFM member.

POI's that are currently not accepted by MFM for this category are:

1 - MLM cafe's such as Steven's Tea garden and island red.
2 - Gerai or roadside stalls. These include your cendol van and rojak van or roadside sugar cane stall and burger stalls etc.

*Item#2 subjected to State.


MFM accepts all bank poi submissions. Do notify us if its HQ (headquarters).
This will also include banks that are inside buildings. For example:
Al Rajhi bank inside plaza sentral, Alliance Bank @ ikano , RHB @ Giant Kelana Jaya.

Submission for ATM machines are accepted. Do notify if its with cash or cheque depost as well.

To avoid clustering the map unnecessarily, ATM machines inside 7-11's will be put on hold till further notice. ATM machines
inside shopping malls also put on hold until further notice.

Places of worship

Masjid or surau poi's are definitely accepted. Best to provide full name when possible according to advertised signboard.
Example: Masjid Al-Bukhari or Surau Taman Ehsan.

Temples are definitely accepted. Best to provide full name when possible according to advertised signboard.
Example: Sau Seng Lum Temple or Kechara House Temple.

Whatever the place of worship, kindly provide the full name when possible according to advertised signboard.
Cemetary and burial grounds included.


All names provided should follow the exact on the signboard. Add in pharmacy or farmasi when needed.
Example: Topaz Pharmacy, Pharmacy vitacare, Farmasi Keluarga Aliph etc.

If signboards require intepretation, please give the closest match possible. For this we make an exception.
i know some chinese medical halls contain only chinese words.

Shops and Buildings Category

All names submitted should read exactly the same as their advertised signboards.

Menara Maxis , Dynasty Condominium, KPMG tower, Kedai al-ikhsan, The watch shoppe, Poh Kong Jewelry, House of Air Cleaners,
Ace Hardware, Kedai Minyak Rahim Hamzah, Jasmine Towers, One Utama Shopping Complex, E@curve & etc.

For factories, do take note of MNC factories on whether they contain the word Malaysia or (M) on the signboard.

Government & utilities related poi's

Label as advertised on the signboard.
Example: Balai polis <location> or Police Beat Base <location>

This is one category in which we might accept the poi of a government agency when its located NOT at the ground floor.
For instance the Telekom Malaysia wangsa maju is on the first floor.
So when submitting, kindly include proper address or at least tell me which level its located on.

All government related POI's are to be contributed in 2 languages; english and bahasa malaysia.

When submitting POI for EPF, label it as Employees Provident Fund and Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja.
When submitting POI for schools and universities, label using ONLY the advertised name.

Bus stops are now accepted. Label the bus stops accordingly. If there isnt a tag provided, just label it as bus stop.
Example: Bus Stop R712 or Bus stop L88 or Bus Stop.
Additional information given such as schedule, or bus numbers that route there, or even shuttle bus arrival and departure hours
will help not only domestic people, but international travellers as well.

Automobile category

For big names like Honda, toyota, proton, audi etc etc
Do notify if its a showroom, or showroom with service center, or just the service center alone.
When possible, attach contact number as well. Many can benefit from this.

POI's of repair places are now accepted. Whether just a regular service center or bodyworks or accessory fittings.
Again do take note, name provided should follow the signboard.
For this category, we require additional information such as whether its body repair related, or regular servicing, or tire related or auto parts store & etc.

*Submit only if its your regular trusted workshop, or if its a chain of trusted outlets such as V-Kool, Lim Tayar, Air Cool tints, Brothers Accessories, Cosplus etc.
Kindly do not submit this poi just because you so happened to pass by on the road.
Remember, we're trying to build a trustworthy database !

Hotel category

When possible, provide us with the information on its ratings. whether it's 2 stars or 5 stars and so forth.
Also provide me with a contact number when possible. These information would be of great assistance to everyone.
Any additional information sent in would be of great help to everyone. Such as a short summary of your own experience.

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Postby sharkteef » Sun Sep 13, 2009 5:59 am

UC category

UC stands for Under Construction.
When submitting these POI's, do ensure that it will be constructed as labelled.

These POI's are often places or points that have not been completed, have not launched or opened for business.
examples : Carrefour Kota Damansara (UC)
A&W Aman Suria (UC)

Land has been allocated, the lot is already under construction and construction board states the name of the mall or township
Apart from that, if the business is undergoing rennovation and is confirmed, add it under (UC) as well if its NOT open for business.
Whenever possible, provide additional information such as estimated date of completion (year 2010) or if you have inside information
such as (70% completed) it would certainly help.
Be responsible when submitting UC labelled POI's. Do monitor from time to time and when launched, do notify to change the labelling.
This responsibility often rests on the person who submitted, however this should not be the case and anyone can choose to monitor a UC
labelled POI's progress.

POI with rating tags (marked as 1X or *)

Some MFM POIs are marked with rating tags such as (1X) or (*) for recommended food or (5X) or (5*) for 5-star hotels. Rating tags serve as guidance to the quality of service or merchandise offered by the tagged outlet. Rating tags will be added to:

1) Hotels following their facilities rating
2) Food outlets with unique or recommended dishes
3) Exceptional services for the servicing industry
4) Best valued and can be proudly shown for the business category

Under circumstances, some members here have something to offer.

If you want your favorite food outlet to be added to MFM map and tagged as recommended, send the food POI to any moderator with a brief summary on why it should be specially marked. Your recommendation will be verified by admins, mappers and moderators or known food bloggers ( and ). Verification may take some time. Upon their approval, your favorite food POI will be marked as MFM recommended food POI.

If a MFM member here owns a tyre shop and provides discount rates to other MFM members, that POI may be specially marked.
Or other scenarios whereby a member runs a form of business in which special rates or unique services may be given to MFM members or travellers using MFM maps.

To sum this section up, these POI's are subjected to an approval process before specially marked.


Traffic lights to be sent in as POI
Parking lots to be sent in as POI
Residential areas, Commercial Areas to be sent in as POI (example: taman pelangi or NZX commercial center or Kelana Walk Square)
Public toilets to be sent in as POI
Scenic or photographic places to be sent in as POI

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Postby sharkteef » Sun Sep 13, 2009 6:00 am

Moderated POI's

These points are subjective to each state and its variables.
Points in these categories would include points that are provided NOT at ground level.

Telekom Malaysia Damansara Utama is located at the ground level.
Hafiz Diamonds is located at 1st floor above Telekom Malaysia Damansara Utama.
Priority goes to Telekom Malaysia Damansara Utama and hence that point will be allocated into the map.

*To Note: Anything thats NOT on ground floor with exception to government agencies and inside shopping malls and tall buildings.
Exceptions can still be made if relevant to benefit society or there's nothing below it
Priority would be given to the one that benefits users
Meanwhile, try to avoid submitting poi's that are not on ground level.

Some places might require permission from the source or owner to be posted. These areas are perhaps guarded or classified.

Building lots inside a large warehouse or factory area,
University campus and its offices
Forest reserve areas and its camp sites or tracks to secluded areas.

These are subjected to the approval of the source or owner. When a mapper is in doubt, the mapper will contact the person who
submitted to seek confirmation. Only after confirmation is done, the mapper will proceed to add the POI into the map.

POI's can also be requested for removal for a variety of valid reasons. Usually, requests for removal is due to relocation,
shop closed down, illegal operations, or unconsented by the owner/source. When submitting a request for removal, do give a note
on why it should be removed. A brief statement will suffice.

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Postby sharkteef » Sun Sep 13, 2009 6:00 am


So how do i label the POI ?

Labelling the POI exactly as seen on the signboard takes priority.
However both languages will be used to label government offices and utilities for easy reference.
Only under circumstances that a POI can be labelled using intepretation.

Why label according to signboard ?

Its obvious. When you key in the POI or do a search, you will definitely see the label for it. When driving, you visually scan
for that same label.

User will search for a POI labelled "Loh Dialysis Specialist Center"
Upon arriving at destination, user will be on a lookout for the exact same label as on the signboard thus making visual confirmation
easier and safer for the driver.

Why the discrimination of MLM's ?

To serve and benefit society both local and foreign, these serve no purpose to foreigners that mainly consist of tourists.
MLM related companies are not fully rejected. Amway factory near Jalan 222 in PJ is in the map. These could be useful as a marker or
even a prominent landmark. Only MLM cafe's are rejected as discussed by the team at MFM.
For further clarification, anyone can pm me.

When will i be able to see my submitted POI in the map ?

Usually within the next few map versions if there are no issues to address. If you dont, re-submit it.
Do be patient because compiling all these takes time.

What do the POI categories in Garmin represent ? What are the classifications and where do i search for what.
To explain briefly on the contents of each:


Halal food is normally under the classification of ASIAN
NON halal food is normally under the classification of CHINESE
Vegetarian food is normally under the classification of SPECIAL FOOD PRODUCTS.

the rest are pretty much self explanatory.

Fast food outlets contain points such as KFC, Mcdonalds and A&W just to name a few.
International consists of japanese restaurants and middle eastern just to name a few.


Convenience stores are made up of 24 hour marts such as 7-11
Shopping centers would contain places like Tropicana City Mall and Ikano Power Center and Mid Valley Megamall

The rest of the categories such as hotels/motels, banks/atm, hospitals, auto services contain POI's that are fit to be classified
within itself.

If i have tracks and poi's, where do i submit ?

Post them in the appropriate track thread or feedback section of the state.

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Postby sharkteef » Sun Sep 13, 2009 6:00 am


Basically we'll accept any poi that you can give. Do note that we're trying to build a reliable database for the community and foreign tourists.
So obviously we'd give our best places or at least shops that we go to often enough to recommend to others.
It could even be places that are so famous it serves as a landmark or places that we dont need today but might need when the time comes. I do believe that any additional information such as telephone numbers or operating hours or even notes can help make a difference.
Restriction on POI's are important to know. Check back once in a while to see if any changes on the restriction page has been made.

We will review this section once in a while to update and adapt to the necessary changes. Meanwhile keep the poi's coming ! looking forward to your valued contributions !

*Side note: Once i've reviewed your GDB or posts with co-ordinates, i will add a little note as a reminder for myself. It will be in blue like this shark vX.XX or like this gigijerung v9.82
Do not edit and delete this. It is my marker. If a problem has occured i will leave a marker called KIV vX.XX and attend to it as soon as possible.
Usually will contact via pm to troubleshoot the matter.
Do not expect instant updates. It takes time to compile. my version has NO relationship with the map version.
Eventhough i've reviewed your submission does not mean it automatically will go into the next map release. Give it some time, like several map releases.
When after 5 versions of map is released and your POI submission still isnt in, notify me via pm and i will attend to it.

If you have any queries or doubts, do not hesitate to contact the moderators or mappers. They will attend to you as soon as they can.

- Shark

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