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Re: GALACTIO - Consultant URGENT Needed

Postby eagles_j24 » Wed Jul 18, 2018 2:40 pm

Hi Galactio Consultant,
I'm using dashboard HU with Galctatio GPS installed inside. A few days ago when I search for places, after keying in, the device kept searching & seemed like hanged & no matter how I touch other buttons, it wont change. This carried on for a few days & I suspect the micro-sd card spoiled. I tried transferreing to another micro-sd card & re-inserted into the hu, error message "No valid device license found. Please download the license from, Device ID: xxxxxxxxxx." I have the activation file which I downloaded from Galactio website, is this the licsense? How do I install it into the mrcro-sd card? Thanks for your advise.

nnavin76 wrote:
alex8866 wrote:[quote="nnavin76"

Did you download the map and installed it after upgrading ypur software?

My Device is using the Galactio V8.8 version.
I've downloaded the file and follow the PDF File guide to update my maps.
Everything is updated and show successful, but when i click in to the Galactio interface for my GPS, it show the error as my previous post.

Are you using the same memory card or changed it? If both the Galactio Software & MFM map succesfully installed in the memory card provided with the GPS, it should work well. Otherwise you may have to re-install all over again. Have you downloaded your license file as well? at tim you need that to update the file properly.[/quote]

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Re: GALACTIO - Consultant

Postby bernielee » Wed Sep 26, 2018 10:28 am

Hi. i am using Galactio V8.15. where can i download the latest firmware? i need it for maps updating.

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Re: GALACTIO - Consultant

Postby Galactio » Fri Mar 08, 2019 3:27 pm

bernielee wrote:Hi. i am using Galactio V8.15. where can i download the latest firmware? i need it for maps updating.

Hi Bernielee. Sorry for the late reply. I'm a new guy from Galactio. Has this issue been resolved?

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