I bought a new Papago. How should I get started?

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I bought a new Papago. How should I get started?

Postby antyong (retired) » Wed Aug 26, 2009 2:58 pm

Congratulations! Hope you enjoy your new Papago device :D

The Basics

1. Charge your device - new Papago devices have only minimal battery power and the battery drains very quickly due to the bigger 5-inch display. Charge your device by connecting it to your PC using a USB cable or connect it to your car charger and drive around for an hour :mrgreen:

2. Read the Quick Guide and User Manual - Papago manual is included in the CD-ROM. You can also download your device's manual from M3GPS X3 Manual Page.

3. Update the map - Download our free Papago map from MFM-Papago topic and refer to our installation guide.

4. Join MFM - MFM map can be downloaded for free by unregistered guests. We do not keep info or goodies from non-members. However, you will have more fun sharing your GPS hobby and experience with fellow enthusiasts. Register as an MFM member to say "Hi" and ask questions at our Newbie Lounge.

Great, you are ready to go places \:D/

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